Monitoring Shasta County (Trunked)

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Redding City System 1 - Southfork Mtn - WNXW528
Motorola Type 2

Redding City Police
58672 F-1 Patrol 1 Dispatch
58704 F-2 Patrol 2 Traffic
58736 F-3 Chit-Chat
58768 F-4 Investigations (Blue)
58800 F-5 Records
58832 F-6 Tac 1
58864 F-7 Tac 2
58898 F-8

58384 Citywide 1

Redding City Services
57360 Electric
57616 Public Utils
57648 unknown
57840 Public Utils (water)
57872 unknown
58032 IT Services
58160 Waste Management - A
58192 Waste Management - B
58224 Waste Management - C
58246 unknown
58272 unknown
58288 unknown
58320 unknown
58352 unknown
58416 Convention Center

Redding Area Bus Authority
57360 Downtown 1
57352 Ch2
57392 Senior Transport
57399 Bus All Call
57520 Downtown 2

Other heard ID's
16640 unknown
58416 "roll up your windows, it's sprinkling"

This is an old system now sitting on brand new APCO-25 digital capable equipment on Southfork Mtn west of Redding. They are operating in analog although it's anyone's guess if/when they switch to digital. There is encryption capabilities on the system.

The Fire Dept never joined the trunked system so it could remain interoperable with Calfire and the rest of the county fire departments. Its administrative and prevention officers can utilize the system to communicate with law enforcement or the city utilities. During large incidents, look for Command traffic between SHASCOM and the Command Post over the trunk system. Prevention officers will most likely have encryption capabilities to foil any monitoring of secure arson investigations.

F-2 (58704) is permanently linked with Shasta Sheriff Blue Channel 155.580. The same dispatcher also staffs the two radios. CHP H14 and H16 also have the ability to communicate over the trunked system. There is also an interoperability JPS unit at SHASCOM to link anything that comes in and out of SHASCOM; trunked or not.

This system has a lot of history as one of Northern California's first trunked systems, introduced by Motorola in 1989. The original system was located on "Hill 900" in western Redding and was a hybrid Type IIi system. The RABA bus transporation was Type 2 while all the city utilities and PD were Type 1 ID's.

Around 2004 a new group of trunked 800 frequencies became licensed to the city of Redding, located on Southfork Mtn. When the switch was flipped and a control channel was heard, rumors were flying that everybody was moving to the new system (only five frequencies instead of Hill 900's seven freqs). Soon the city utilities seemed to have moved to this new system, leaving the PD and transportation on Hill 900. Shortly after the move, the new system often went into failsoft and after a month or two of errors, the system went quiet. Utilties showed back up on the Hill 900 system.

April of 2006 came as a surpise when the entire Hill 900 system switched to Type 2 ID's only, leaving PD listeners in silence for a few days as they scratched their heads wondering what happened. Rumors started again as this was a preperation to move to the Southfork Mtn system. All the repeaters were upgraded to APCO-25 digital-capable and some have encryption capability. Everybody was waiting for the day it went silent again, ready to start monitoring the new Southfork system. However in Fall of 2006 we were in for another surprise when instead, the city decided to move the Hill 900 system physically up to Southfork. This move greatly expanded its reception coverage  to just south of Red Bluff! It's still unknown what the second set of freqencies are for on Southfork, however it would seem relatively easy to incorporate them into and expand the existing system. The future will tell.

Due to Nextel rebanding, Redding has acquired this new frequency to replace their 860.9625MHz frequency.

Redding City System 2 - Southfork Mtn - WPYP656
Motorola Type 2 Smartnet

System down

Not sure what the future holds for this system. When/if this system goes online look here for the first info, as well as any digital news.