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Caltrans - Red Bluff Yard
47.100 Dispatch
47.080 Road Crew

858.7375 Tuscan
856.9875 Tuscan
860.9875 Vina

Caltrans is in the process of upgrading their radios from lowband to 800MHz. However 800MHz doesn't work at all in the upper mountains etc. so they stick with the lowband still until the 800MHz is completely phased in. Don't count on losing lowband traffic for a number of years. Valley floor units (those on I5 and Hwy99) typically can be found on the 800MHz system. Red Bluff office is 234 and Landscaping crew is 295.

Tehama County Road Dept
151.010 Dispatch
156.120 Channel 2

Responsible for maintenance on all county roads. Day-to-day traffic is mundane but during large storms you will hear numerous road closures and other flood-related traffic.

Red Bluff City Public Works
155.820 Dispatch
451.100 Telemetry

All city crews utilize this simplex (high powered) frequency to coordinate road maintenance, water and other city utilities. Day-to-day traffic is typical as crews respond to turn on and off water meters, etc. During storm activity though you will hear responses to clogged storm drains and help in local flood control, downed trees etc.

Corning City Public Works
153.920 Dispatch


PGE Power and Gas
158.250 Power
451.025 Power
48.820 Gas

LTR Trunked System

You will hear very little traffic on the VHF frequencies since all of their technicians are now on the LTR trunked system. This system is fairly easy to monitor on a simple scanner although you will hear a static blip every 10 seconds on the frequencies unless you have an LTR capable scanner. If you have a regular scanner, just plug in 856.3375 and you'll get most of the traffic. This is good to monitor during storms or power outages. However you will hear mundane meter-readers as well as emergency crews unless you monitor it as an LTR system (more on that as I learn the system)

The VHF frequencies are now typically used between base stations or as backup to the trunked system. They help support the high voltage transmission lines, substations, power plants etc. Not much traffic on here unless they're re-routing power between different substations etc.

PGE has their own radio codes and definitely their own lingo. To ensure a circuit is not powered up when a tech is working on it, the dispatcher will "tag" the circuit so the switch doesn't accidently get flipped. "North Valley" is the main dispatch with field dispatches such as "Red Bluff" office etc. 908 means out of service or off-duty. They will also reference a lot of pole numbers or circuit numbers that only they have maps to. Unless they reference a road or intersection, there is little you can do to figure out where the crew is working.

152.450 Red Bluff Taxi
157.710 Red Bluff Taxi


151.775 Gary's Auto Body
J-L Towing is on LTR system


Walmart Store and Distribution Center

I am not sure what is store-related and what is Distribution Center. I will be monitoring these soon to figure out what is what.

Rolling Hills Casino


I have misplaced the notes I had for this system. Gotta go down again and figure it out. :)

151.835 Haase
153.140 John Wheeler Trucking
158.370 John Wheeler Logging
153.305 Jim Froome
153.305 George Low
153.105 Bob Benefield
158.415 Terry Bracken
153.290 Violetti Brothers
159.525 Kenny Shafer


43.000 Lindauer River Ranch
154.490 Driscoll Strawberries
152.375 Denny Land and Cattle
152.870 Denny Land and Cattle